“Seriously good survival gear - everything I need and more”

- Daniel

“Fast shipping, came in only 3 days!”

- Lachlan

“Love these kits, they’ve been great to teach the kids valuable skills”

- Sarah

 “Super impressed with the quality and range of gear in the pack!"

- Geoff
  • Empower yourself and your loved ones with the ultimate emergency preparedness.

    • Peace of mind
    • Convenience as a grab-and-go solution
    • Cost-effective, stress-tested equipment 
    • Be prepared for emergency situations
    • Have some fun outdoors

Australia's Best Survival Kit

Did you know that the Australian government and governments worldwide are now recommending citizens to have an emergency kit ready for when disaster strikes? Given the massive increases in extreme weather events, power outages and general uncertainty, it makes sense.

With quality, easy to use tools, Survival Club’s Premium Survival Kits make it easy to be prepared for the unexpected, or enjoy your next adventure with your kit by your side.

  • Select Your Pack

    Select from either The LifePack or The LifePack Pro Survival System.

  • Add Your Extras

    Add any extra products that you might need to customise your pack.

  • Survive And Thrive

    Use your pack day to day, or store it to thrive in an emergency.

  • The LifePack™️ Survival System

    (Designed For 1 Person)

  • The LifePack™️ Pro Survival System

    (Designed For 2+ People)


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Great well-rounded survival packs

"Best survival packs in Aus! I've been looking for a solid survival kit for a while now, glad I found you guys"

Sean, NSW

Love the bundles!

"I bought the survival straw bundle for myself and my family and love it. We used some last weekend on a hiking trip and are storing some away"

Katie, QLD

Great quality equipment

"For what you get in the premium pack the price is great, I was also very impressed with the quality of the equipment"

Henry, SA

Peace of mind

"Definitely worth the investment, for us it's a bit of peace of mind knowing we have our packs there if we ever need them"

Craig, NSW

Very practical gear

"My grandfather (from Europe) tells a story where during the war they needed to survive for months out in the wilderness, he always told me that survival packs are worth their weight in gold. These packs are great, thanks!"

Laurence, Vic

Value for money

"So much cheaper that trying to buy it all separately! Our family bought a couple of kits because who knows when we might need them"

Stacey, QLD


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